Left Behind Chapter 11&12

In chapter 11 Lahaye stays on the character Rayford. Rayford and Chloe goes to church of the pastor who took the video and got a copy of it to watch. While there they meet Bruce Barnes. He tells him a little about the video and asked them if they were going to be there for church on Sunday. Rayford says yes even though he has not gone in over a year. His daughter Chloe says no because she has plans though she does not. This chapter is a pretty short chapter so there is not much to talk about.

In chapter 12 Lahaye goes between Buck and Rayford. He starts off with Buck getting back to the states. The first thing that he does is that he calls his dad telling him that he is okay if he heard anything about him being dead. Then Lahaye goes to Rayford. Rayford and Chloe still are debating if the rapture happened or not. Rayford finally watches it but by himself and he follows along with his wife’s Bible, Irene.

Again Lahaye uses very good transitions into each section. He includes a lot of minor details that a ot of authors usually do not use. This is why he is one of my top authors.


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