Left Bahind Chapter 9&10

In chapter 9 Lahaye starts off with Buck’s colleagues getting mad at hi for him getting the cover story. They fell like he should be getting it because he has not been able to do good on the other stories that he has done. Lahaye then goes into that buck calls Dirk a few days later and he figures out that he committed suicide. Buck figures out that it was not suicide and suspects foul play. Lahaye then goes to Rayford. Rayford goes to the nearest church to find out more on this “rapture”, he says in the book. He figures out that the pastor is gone and he made a video circumstantially before the rapture happened talking about being left behind.

In chapter 10 Lahaye talks about how Buck gets to London to start his investigation on this story. He meets up with Alan and they meet at a pub in London. Alan says to him that Dirk did not die because of a suicide for sure. Alan then goes on to tell Buck that they just need to stop doing this story because they are in grave danger. So Buck tells Alan to go outside and make flight arrangements to go back to the states. While Alan is going outside Buck hears an explosion outside right when Alan steps outside.

I like how Lahaye leaves cliffhangers at the end of almost every chapter, and he ties them so well together It is like he just wrote the whole book without chapters and then put chapters where they need to be put.


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