Left Behind Chapter 7&8

In chapter 7 Buck gets picked from the motel by the pilot and he is asking the pilot of what he thinks has happened. Th pilot thinks that it could be UFO’s that just picked all the young kids and all the weird people. Buck doesn’t really believe that this happened, but he leaves it as a possibility. Lahaye then goes back to Rayford and he starts to believe that the Rapture happened. So, he gets his disappeared wife;s bible and starts to read Revelation that talks about the Rapture. He starts to believe that Jesus does really exist.

In chapter 8 Buck talks to Steve, his boss, and they get onto the subject of the new Romanian president. The weird thing about it that there was an election there 18 months ago. Buck then tries to persuade Steve that he should be following up this story and his story on this, but Steve still says that he needs to stay the subject he assigned him before. Buck then keeps on trying to reach Dirk and he does not answer at all. All Buck gets is his answering machine. Buck the gets really suspicious of this and starts to wonder what has happened to him.

These two chapters are getting more into depth of how severe this tragedy has affected this story, and this makes me want to keep on reading this book. I like how Lahaye keeps on going back and forth between the two lives of these two characters. This makes me want to keep on reading it and get into the story myself.


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I am a very outdoors person and i have a very creative mind just not in writing.

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