Left Behind Chapter 5&6

In chapter 5 Lahaye mainly stays on the topic of Buck getting to work and getting a new lead on a story. It isn’t on all the disappearing people, but it’s on the whole world possibly changing to one currency. Buck calls one of his friends that had not disappeared, Dirk, and he knows where this secret meeting is going to take past and he wants him to sneak in and get some answers. Before Buck heads out to do this he promised to call Hattie Durham to tell her something after he called her parents, because her phone line was down and he modified his so he could call his own family. He called her and told her that her whole family was there. While he was at it he called his own family and his dad phone line was still busy.

In chapter 6 it starts off with the sad part of Rayford Steele being drunk because he was morning his loss. Rayford finally stops drinking and he passes out. He wakes up in the next two hours, and he goes upstairs to go to bed for the night. The next main section in this chapter is about Buck. Buck finally gets to take a ride to his work by airplane, and he checks into the run down motel, that was the only thing available. Buck checks his messages one more time to see if he had any voice-mails and he did. He had one from the guy that gave him this lead, Dirk. He gave him this guys name and place the meeting is going to take place. after he listens t the message he turns on the TV and he watches some of it and doses off. He is rudely awakened by the phone ringing on the night stand. He answers it and the front desk id asking him all these stupid questions, and he finally tells the front desk to shut up and let him sleep and put a bandage under the door for his neck. He finally gets to fall asleep for five and a half hours until he has to get up and go and meet the guy that his flying him to New York.


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I am a very outdoors person and i have a very creative mind just not in writing.

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