Left Behind chapter 3&4

Chapter three and five are when the author really get into the whole plot of being left behind. The author starts off with Rayford Steele the main character trying to get home after getting into the terminal at the airport. Rayford is torn apart when he figures out half way throughout the chapter that his wife and kids are gone. He figures this out by hitching a ride with a helicopter ride going to the nearby suburbs, and then he gets home and their clothes are laying all on the floor in a messy pile. With shoes and everything. To their socks, underwear, and even contacts.

Chapter four is mainly staying on the topic about Buck getting home. Buck is sitting in the airport with a cold towel on the back of his neck, and a doctor comes up and pours this liquid on his neck to clean and disinfect it. This part of the chapter is important because the doctor tells him how to get to work. Buck’s work keeps on emailing him to get to work to figure out what has happened, and so they can print something on the up-coming newspaper. By the end of the chapter Buck gets a ride with a personal jet pilot and he has very steeped prices. For this crazy expense he has to use all of his travel vouchers that are very valuable and can be traded in for any currency you want. At the very end of the chapter the author goes back and forth between what is happening to Rayford and Buck, and them finally figuring out how wide-spread and what tragedy this while thing is to the world.

These whole two chapters are very connected. one just flows right into the next one. Both ideas of the two main characters getting home, or work, and trying to put their lives back together. I have liked this book a lot more than the Jesus>Religion book because this has more action. The other book is more of a physiological book and does not have much action. It just states that this right here means this right here because of this. Jesus>Religion uses a lot of references to the bible and priests in it. Left Behind takes the other side of if you were not a believer and following Jesus and God.


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