Left Behind Chapter 1&2

Chapter 1 and 2 kind of blend into each other. The first chapter is introducing the first main character Rayford Steele.  It talks about he is married and he is a pilot for a major airline company. He is lusting over the senior flight attendant, Hattie Durham, even though he is married. Rayford wishes he could hook up with her after they land, but then the worst happens. The plot of the whole book happens. People are left behind. He gets up because he talks with himself and persuades himself to go and talk to Hattie. He gets out of the cockpit and Hattie Durham pushes him against the wall. At this point he thinks he is getting lucky with Hattie, but he is not. She is just freaked out with a lot of the passengers just disappearing out of thin air.

The second chapter just goes right into the solution of their problems. There is this third important character in this chapter named Buck. He is a foreign sales man for a big company back in the states. So he is going to some foreign country on this flight to sell them some products. He is not that smart with electronics but some how he connects up the satellite phone with his phone so he can make calls to his family if they were left behind. This causes Hattie and him to get into it about vandalizing property on the plane, But then she backs off when she figures out the reason why is doing this. The very end of this chapter takes you into the process of them turning around in the mid-Atlantic area and going back to Chicago airport, because all the other airports on the east side of the U.S. are closed. Rayford gets to take helicopter ride to the nearest hospital to his house. With this he gets Hattie on the ride even though the ride is only for pilots.

The first two chapters I can relate to because my step was a pilot, and my mom and I always were fearing he would just leave us. The pilot seems a lot like him. The first two chapter blended very well together. If it was me I would have mad it one chapter. It just makes more sense in my mind. The author used a lot of vocabulary that is regularly used and I like that variety even though i do not know what the word means sometimes.


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