Jesus&Religion Chapter 7

Chapter 7 talks a lot about how we say that we believe in God ,but we say ‘why are you not there when i need you God’. I am not trying to be all religious, but we all should rust and love God for what he has done not for what we want him to do. Just like the book says “Sometimes suffering is actually God’s blessing rather than God’s curse.” Another thing that the book talks about is how God is connected to us. The book says God makes it very clear that when one of his people suffers, he suffers. When one of is people aches, he aches. hen one of his his people hurts, he hurts.” this alone shows us that God is connected ti us in more ways than we know. We know that he is connected o us through prayer, but he is connected through our pain, joy, prayer, praise, thoughts, and actions etc…

Again this book is the best chapter so far, because it connects to world and script a lot in the text. I am not saying it is he best ever, but it has some flaws. Some examples are like it starts on a topic it stops with out fully ending it or just completely stopping the topic and moving on.


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