Jesus&Religion Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is about four main points: how we twist the bible, desire gifts over the giver, why we were created for him, and why we need to have joy despite circumstances. The first main point is talking about we twist little stories like how we twist verses or versions of the bible to make them sound better for our man-kind. We are always trying to make it to heaven no matter what. No matter what the person in this i this world. The second main point is that we desire the gift more than the giver. We praise christmas gifts more then the true reason for Christmas. Or easter, we look forward to the Easter dinner ,or for kids getting candy from plastic eggs. We do not treat God the way that God treats us. The next point is why we were created for him. Just like the book says; My job can be taken. My health can be taken. My ability to type and write can be taken. But my identity as a child of God can never be taken. This statement i have actually been reading this eery morning and trying to live by it. People today say that they read their bible or read religious texts, but it take s a lot of perseverance to do so.

This chapter is very informational to me and the world, but it needs more connection to the real world.


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