Jesus>Religion Chapter 4

This chapter focuses on the big picture of why we should trust in Jesus Christ. Jesus died for our sins and now we should praise him and then we should be open to him and let him in to our lives through being saved and then baptitised. There isn’t a lot to go off of here in this chapter though, but you can get some stuff out of it. Like, hoe religion triggers people. Religion is all about getting people saved to make themselves happy to make God love them more. Yes that is good but they are doing it for the wrong reason. They should be doing to make God happy not themselves. The author puts in here some good reasons why we should believe in him. Avoiding sin isn’t about us not getting in trouble, it is about us trusting that the creator knows his creation best and has designed the world to work in a certain way.

This chapter is very well put together because of it relates to the subject of why I hate Religion but love Jesus.


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