Jesus>Religion Chapter 3

This chapter is for those so-called Christians. I know these so-called Christians are out there, but you don’t have to follow them. This chapter is mainly how some people just put a church mask or put on there church clothes, then when they get home they take that off and go back to there normal way of life. Everyone does this a couple times, and then there are people that do this every second of everyday and when they go to bed at night they think about how bad they actually are and the don’t fix it. In this chapter the author says that when we do this we need to try to forget our past because sometimes we do this because someone said to them that they were a true Christian and they knew it was true. So they kept on growing on that and trying to show them who is boss.

Another thing that this chapter goes over is how people focus on there outside and not on there inside. Going back to the whole mask thing. Take off that mask and show the world who you are and if they don’t like it and change and if they like and you don’t like it then make sure to change that.

This chapter could be a little more descriptive and focused on the main point. The author does connect to his life, but most of the chapter is about that and sometimes his story doesn’t even connect to the main point of the chapter.


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I am a very outdoors person and i have a very creative mind just not in writing.

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