Jesus>Religion Chapter 2

This chapter is a very exciting and informational chapter because it makes a connection between the real world and the world of scripture. It gives examples of the scripture but then it relates to real life. Like, you can try to follow the rules, you can try to climb to heaven. Both of these things are very true. You can not just walk right up to heaven, you have to die and then you have to own the right to be able to get into heaven.

This chapter also explains the whole reason for the book.

Religion says do. Jesus says done.

Religion is man searching for God. Jesus is God searching for man.

Religion is pursuing God by our moral effects. Jesus is God pursuing us despite our moral efforts.

Religious people kill for what they believe. Jesus followers die for what they believe.

Chapter 2 is very descriptive in the sense of a God follower, but I would have liked to know the other side. Like how the world relates to God through them. I want to know what they see if anything about God and Jesus in there eyes.


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